Enlightenment Ceremony

Also known as Yoga Ulka- mukha prayer service.

Purpose: Embodies the virtues of filial piety and compassion; enlightens us on the beauty of good deeds such as to be thankful in life, to honour our benefactors in life and to repay the debts of gratitude; seek blessing from Buddha for both the departed and living, earn the merit of benevolence as the spiritual shackles are untangled. It is a noble form of showing filial piety, in the name of Buddha.

We are please to invite ‘Masters’ from China, Vietnam, and ‘Long Por Oo Master’ from Thailand to perform the enlightenment ceremony. The enlightenment ceremony is meant to transcend and raise the departed souls from suffering, to show respect towards our ancestors, conduct prayers for longevity, health and blessings for parents.

The enlightenment ceremony perform is simple and solemn. It follows strictly the worship and chant super-scriptures.

Enlightenment Ceremony Category:

  • Ancestors & Parents (Ancestors and parents of all generation)
  • Karmic Debtors (Mother Sentient Beings / Karmic debtors and creditors of previous lives and in this life)
  • Relatives (Siblings, or relatives, or wandering souls)
  • Infant Spirits (Still born / aborted spirit)
  • Animals and Beasts (All fetus and oviparity animals)

Enlightenment Ceremony Group:

  • ‘Zhong Gong Tek Zhu’
  • ‘Hu Gong Tek Zhu’
  • ‘Gong Tek Zhu A’
  • ‘Gong Tek Zhu B’
  • ‘Gong Tek Zhu C’
  • ‘For Deceased D’
  • ‘For Deceased E’
  • ‘For Deceased F’

Date: 3rd, 4th and 5th day of 7th month Lunar Calendar
*Price variance according to the ‘Group’ selected.

Contact us: Mr Ong 019-5331188 (inquiry and registration)