‘Chai Lok Keng’ Ceremony

In general: ‘Chai’ is Money; ‘Lok’, is Fortune.

‘Chai Lok Keng’ ceremony is about the Fortune Law, making up the wealth of science; achieve blessing; good luck; disaster relief.
Wishing everyone to be free from past year’s obstacles; meet longevity; and wealth abundance.

‘Pak Kek Hean Tian Seong Tay’ will host the ‘Chai Lok Keng’ ceremony, lead the devotees to ‘drive over’ the 5 doors: ‘Hean Boo’ door; ‘Thiam Chai’ door; ‘Thiam Lok’ door; ‘Thiam Siu’ door; ‘Peng An’ door.

Below listed tributes are to be taken home for blessing after the ceremony.

  • Mandarin Oranges: Good Luck
  • Red Candles: Wealth and Honours
  • ‘Pineapple Glass Shape’ Candle: Great Fortune
  • ‘Kim Hua’: Attain Eminence
  • Red Ribbons: Fortune Shines
  • ‘Siu Gu’: Longevity and Prosperity
  • Treasure Bowl: Abundant Wealth
  • Lottery: Make Great Money

Date: Mid-term of 1st month Lunar Calendar
Each Share: RM138.00 (*Price are subject to change)

Contact us: Mr Ong 019-5331188 (inquiry and registration)