Caring Charity Society

  • Charity Motto: Caring, Good Deeds, and Thanks giving.
  • We would like to call upon and welcome anyone to join us in promoting the ‘Charity Motto’.
  • We hope to gather and put together the public’s ultimate power and spirit, to help more people in need.
  • Caring and good deeds never ends; Happiness lies in rendering help to others.
  • Operational Regulations:
    • Xuan Di Caring Charity is a non-profit volunteer organisation.
    • Monthly donation is pre-set at RM20.00 for charitable purposes.
    • Each contribution grant is pre-set at RM500.00.
    • In order to ensure that the donation really helps and goes to those in need, we will Joint-in-hand with Penang State Environment, Welfare and Caring Societyin connect to the beneficiaries.
    • All operation will be setup in ‘WeChat’ apps,玄帝爱心行善组织(ID : CaringCharitySociety).
    • Everyone can setup and organised their own Caring Charity Team or to join alliance with us in WeChat Group, together we give a helping hand, heart to heart, spread the spirit and power of caring through charity.
    • We, 玄帝爱心行善组织(ID : CaringCharitySociety) will only agrees to the identified teams or alliance group which registered with usin their WeChat Group.
    • We will not held responsible for any team or alliance group whom violate the regulations and is non-cooperative to us.
    • Each amount of money raised by the team or alliance group shall have to be surrender to us before the 5th of the next month. Any money raised and not surrender to us before the 5th of the next month, shall be consider and on-hold to be next month’s fund. The donation shall be payout on the Sunday after the 10th of the following month, and to be announced transparently through WeChat Group,玄帝爱心行善组织(ID: CaringCharitySociety).
    • 20% of the monthly total amount raised by each team will be contributed back to Caring Charity Society (玄帝爱心行善组织)as Fundraising Foundation.
    • Each team or alliance group will be treated equally regardless of any ranking.
    • We had set a target of achieving at least 5 shares each month to be contributed to those in need.
    • We hope that each of our small contribution can help those people in need with intention of: One people one mind will put together a harmonious society.